Highland Court Investment Group

Client Background

HICO is a family owned company which was founded in 1928 when Walter K. Whigham bought Higham Park, near Canterbury in Kent, and renamed it Highland Court Farm.
Being based in the Garden of England gave the company its farming focus. It later acquired farms spread across East Kent; different farms on different land allowed for different crops and to some extent spread the risk of crops being wiped out by bad weather.

The acquisition of farms brought with it various properties, most of which are now let out to commercial and residential tenants.
The company continues to evolve and is looking forward to celebrating its centenary in 2028.

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Website Re-design & Build

HICO Group wanted a total refresh of their existing website. The project involved setting up a package with Fasthosts and redesigning and creating the website before switching DNS to point to our WordPress site. Using advanced design tools, like Elementor Pro, we were able to deliver a custom & sleek design.