Ear for Business

Ear for Business is unique project at its core creating awareness for the different kinds of support available to businesses. We at GenSpec are proud to help them in delivering their mission and look forward to our future involvement in the project which aims not only to support the business community but also to drive business student engagement with them.

K Naveed Bhatti, CEO – GenSpec Ltd

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A listening-ear and signposting service

Ear for Business was founded to highlight the crucial information required for small businesses and start-ups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its aim is to tackle isolation & provide a listening ear and sounding board service for the concerns and problems affecting business owners (particularly in rural areas) and for those working from home.

GenSpec have supported Ear for Business from its very beginnings. Indeed we were involved in everything from the naming process to the design of the logo and maintain the website using WordPress and continue to provide tech maintenance moving forward.