GenSpec went above & beyond to make the website what we hoped for. We were not particularly prepared before diving in and they were patient and helpful as we pulled together a completely new website from scratch.

Sam, Citritek

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Client Background

Citritek is an expert in designing and combining innovative technologies to enable buildings and systems to run as safely and efficiently as possible.
By implementing solutions from the UK, USA and across Europe, Citritek is a leading provider of data-capture hardware and software.
Combined with their scientific and technical understanding, Citritek interprets the data that their monitoring systems collect into meaningful and actionable insights.
They focus on ensuring their customers can manage their systems and assets in a better, more connected way and; by assessing, installing and servicing their unique solutions; ensure that their clients gain real control over their systems. Not just compliance.

Website Design & Build

Citritek required a full website from scratch and preferred the Squarespace platform. We were able to set them up with Squarespace back-end and create a lavish, professional website.