House of Anaka

Client Background

Anáka – A brand that offers luxury quality and luxury products to everyone in a world where people are conscious about how they look.

Since we launch our brand in 2017, we have been helping every Anaka wearer discover their own beauty, enhancing it with products that are safe, affordable and that keep up with innovations in the First world cosmetics field.

Anaka is challenging the status quo and opening up ideas and definitions of beauty to embrace even what we perceive as our imperfections. Beauty should not be so easily defined. It is limitless and Anaka is redefining beauty.

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Website Re-design & Build / Social Media & Brand Management

House of Anaka had an existing website and wanted to retain their DNS structure so the project involved accessing their website’s back-end and redesigning their WordPress site. Additional to WordPress webiste re-design we also helped House of Anaka revamp and relaunch their social media pages.