Project: InCanterbury


Our mission with this project is to connect tourists, students, & residents with local businesses in the city like never before.

Endorsed by ASPIRE, EIRA, Santander
Kent Business School

The InCanterbury project aims to create positive economic impact in the city, especially to the local & small businesses, through our unique platform.

Our app based platform will act as a:

  • Local search engine; promoting local business & products, encouraging visitors & residents to shop local
  • LIVE marketing platform; where businesses can reach out & market to potential customers just minutes away from their store
  • Local online marketplace; enabling online sales & services for hundreds of local businesses in our city

It will provide the city’s permanent residents, student population & tourists with information, offers, deals & experiences at the same time connecting local & small businesses with their key customer segments.

With ‘InCanterbury’ we will truly drive growth through technology, data, & connectivity. 

"Watch this space for an innovative #DigitalCreative platform"

Kent Business School

"Especially relevant for the retail sector post Covid-19"


The hype is real!


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How will InCanterbury work for your business?

Increase Visibility

With us as a local search engine, your business visibility will not be sidelined by larger out of area organisations who spend thousands on their SEO & marketing.

Generate Online Revenue

With us as an online platform, your business can reach out to potential customers online and generate online revenue.

Automate Advertising

With our platform running on data, you will be able to automate your advertisement by providing us specific information at the outset.

Effective Advertising

With us as a local marketing platform you market to your key customer segments but also actively market to potential customers who are mere minutes away.

Create Footfall

With us as a local online platform, you will be able to send out smart offers to potential customers within your vicinity and generate footfall.

Cost Saving Benefits

With InCanterbury, your advertisement spend is more effective using advanced micro-targeting techniques. This means potentially higher return on ad spend.

How will InCanterbury work for its users?

Local Search Engine

Find anything & everything Canterbury has to offer

Access amazing deals

Be front of the queue for all the deals, discounts & offers from the local businesses of Canterbury

Shop Local

Discover local independent businesses

Exclusive Events guide

Always keep in the loop with the many events that make Canterbury such an exciting place to be

Project Milestones
We have made steady progress and are well on our way to brining our vision to the market

Trademark “In Canterbury”

Market Research

Build User Privacy & Security

Develop & Launch the App

Partner with City Council

Keep up to date with our progress

Canterbury at a glance

and growing number of local businesses in the city

The only city in Kent is also naturally it’s economic center. Home to a wide mix of retail, restaurants & pubs among other types of businesses.

the average number of daily visitors to the city centre

The High Street in Canterbury sees healthy daily footfall, bringing in large numbers of tourists, students, and other transient population as well as residents.

1 %
The percentage transient population to residents

Canterbury is home to 3 major universities of Kent which attract well over 35000 students annually. There are also 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city brining in a regular influx of tourists.

The challenge, however, is that the average spend per person per visit to the city is only £4

"The possibilities with a project of this scope are endless. We are exploring hundreds of different ways this could bring utility to our users & positive results for the local businesses."
Khawar Naveed Bhatti
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