Application Developers

GenSpec is pioneering the UK’s first city app that guides travellers and residents around cities, encouraging tourism and discovery. But more than that, the app will act as a localised micro-targeting tool for businesses. We are helping small businesses connect with their potential customers who are in the city, in real time.  By blending the best of technology and a personal human connection, GenSpec is transforming the experience of how we travel and interact with cities in the UK.


The Challenge

GenSpec is  looking for someone with a passion for delivering technical solutions. You will join a development team, working on a part-time basis in a fast-paced environment. Your assigned project will help deliver an application that will assist small businesses and increase tourism in cities in the UK.


You will find: 


  • A collaborative culture where curiosity, creativity, experimentation and innovation are celebrated and encouraged
  • A highly motivated and energetic team bringing a wide range of talents, experience and knowledge to solve complex challenges
  • Opportunities to grow and assist your professional development
  • A culture that challenges the status quo in the current ever-changing environment

What you will bring to GenSpec:

Must Have:


  • Proven experience with developing React Native mobile apps
  • Experience of working with JavaScript
  • Experience with using RESTful api’s
  • Experience in UI development in a mobile environment
  • Experience debugging and maintaining React Native software
  • Experience with unit test frameworks
  • Experience with github
  • Working knowledge of geo location
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Drive and attitude to succeed working from home

Nice to haves:


  • Experience bringing apps to the app store

Your responsibilities:


  • Taking ownership of the project from start to finish.
  • Participating in cross-functional teams that develop product roadmaps
  • Collaborate with design, UX/UI, QA, API development and other mobile development 
  • Estimating and developing software based on user stories, wireframes and designs
  • Developing and maintaining unit tests and automated acceptance tests
  • Providing feedback on progress against the assigned tickets at sprint reviews
  • Delivering apps to QA and addressing any feedback
  • Distributing Android and iOS apps via the Play Store and App Store

This is a part time project based opportunity open only to students or graduates of University of Kent; total timeline 70-108 hours & paying £1,000 in total.

There are 2 positions available.