About Us

Our Mission

To share our knowledge and expertise gained from working at large corporations with local & small businesses; enabling technology driven solutions, data driven decisions and experience driven advice.

To create a level playing field where businesses have access to the same opportunities and information.

Our Vision

Our Team

K Naveed Bhatti, CEO

Naveed graduated with an MBA and decided to put his new skills & knowledge to immediate use. As the CEO of GenSpec, he oversees the business planning and relationship building aspect of the business alongside the role of bringing GenSpec’s vision to the market.

As a self-professed utilitarian and minimalist, his passion for any workplace is to maximise efficiency, solve problems, reduce costs, and drive growth. Naveed has vast experience in Investment & Banking where he built himself as a team leader, working tirelessly to smooth out processes and building strong relationships intragroup to create synergy.

Having seen first-hand the competitive advantages utilised by larger corporations, even creating some himself, Naveed co-founded GenSpec with the vision to bring those techniques, technologies, and experience to small & medium businesses. Endorsed by ASPIRE, Kent Business School, EIRA, Santander & HICO Group among others, Naveed is already well established in the local business community and in a strong position to lead GenSpec to fulfil its vision.

Naveed’s interests include football, hiking in nature, and photography.

Natalie Aguilar, CTO

Natalie is our head of design and product development, and oversees GenSpec’s technical offerings. She is known for her creative thinking, planning, and execution, particularly with respect to user outcomes and interaction.

Natalie’s specialty is UX/UI design and the process of discovering Client pain points and subsequently helping them to connect with their customers. She enjoys connecting her work to passions, and giving small businesses the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Natalie adapts seamlessly to change, thinking of every possible outcome whilst focussing on user-centric designs. 

Natalie is a member of ASPIRE, The Interaction Design Foundation, and The Guestlist; a creative community of artists, designers and talented agencies that have worked with Uber, The Princes Trust, and Converse, among others. She seeks guidance from a number of mentors, including Shanice Mears – Co-founder of The Elephant Room, Sanghee On – Senior Designer @ Microsoft, and Rebecca Smith – Project Officer @ Aspire.

Before co-founding GenSpec, Natalie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance from California State University, following which, she became a Financial Analyst for the Department of Health Services Los Angeles, where she forecasted million dollar budgets for public health conditions. She later graduated with an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Kent, all the while expanding her business interests in real estate across three countries.

Her interests include travel, music, real estate and the incorporation of and relationship between art and technology. Her proudest accomplishments are founding her businesses, moving abroad and discovering her passions.

James Neave, COO

GenSpec is James’ second venture into co-founding a business; he previously set up an e-commerce venture that ran successfully from 2016-2018. James has proven himself to be extremely versatile, with experiences gained from a multifaceted business background.

GenSpec is the culmination of his passions for business, innovation, and data.

Prior to co-founding his e-commerce company, James spent five years working in the City of London in the insurance industry. Subsequently, in 2018, seeking further skills and knowledge, James attended Kent Business School, earning a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics. During this year-long degree, James not only became more adept at analysis & forecasting, business statistics, and finance, but he also expanded his knowledge of business operations and spent time considering the sort of company he would want to manage.

James oversees GenSpec’s Operations, whilst also being involved with the Data function on a day-to-day basis, as well as social media and marketing for Clients as part of GenSpec’s Connectivity offering.

James’ interests outside of work include pub quizzes, walking in the countryside, and pretty much every sport ever invented.